Bitcoin Payment Processor

BitPave is a free Bitcoin Payment Processor. Transactions are made directly between wallets. As of our Beta Release, we have waved all fees. Get started with the Docs below


Pre-Built Checkout Page

We've built a checkout page so you can save some time while developing your application.

When you generate a new session through the API, our api will return bunch of information including a URL where the user can checkout.

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Our Bitpave Checkout Demo Payment page.🚀

Below is an example of our checkout page. In this example, we will create a checkout page to purchase an Tesla Model Y. Example was built with just a few lines of code.


Connect With Your Favorites

We are working hard getting our system supported with all major platforms. You can join in on the action and help us on Github


Fast Payment Processing

Bitpave provides fast payment processing, payments are completed almost instantly.


Create dynamic checkouts using our API and include custom data


Static products can be created from the dashboard and created easily using the API


Our system provides saves all transactional data and blockchain data.

Easy API

Bitpave API lets you get your checkout up and running within seconds.


Bitpave servers are fast, whether you are using our pre-made checkout or tokenized checkout.

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